The Twilight Princess HD PR train hasn’t stopped since its reveal back in November 2015, and continues to chug along with two new trailers in tow.

Both Nintendo UK and Nintendo of America have uploaded their own trailer showcasing the HD remaster’s new additions. Link’s various abilities in both Hylian and wolf form are explained alongside new gameplay footage, and the GamePad’s features are shown off. Veterans and new players alike will doubtlessly find switching items on the fly and having a map ready to be of utmost help. But if that seems too easy to you, the trailer also shows off what challenges Hero Mode and Amiibo can bring to the game.

While both trailers show the new features, there are differences between the two that may be worth checking out. You can find the Nintendo UK trailer first, and the Nintendo of America trailer second.

As a fan of the GameCube version, I’m glad I’ll be able to keep the original orientation with the added challenge the Ganondorf Amiibo brings. Which feature are you most excited for?