Nintendo has provided an English translation of their Q&A with company president Tatsumi Kimishima. The Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing sheds light on Nintendo’s approach to the 3DS, expansion to smart devices, and changes in the way they develop games.

Talking about why Nintendo 3DS software sales have not lived up to forecasts, Kimishima said that “the titles we have released this fiscal year have not had quite the same potential as titles such as Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that we released last fiscal year.” Nintendo seems to have learned from last year with Kimishima saying that they “have not yet announced all of the Nintendo 3DS software for the next fiscal year” with development of major titles under way. He promises that the 3DS “will continue to be a major pillar of our business in the coming fiscal year.”

“the titles we have released this fiscal year have not had quite the same potential”

Talking about Nintendo’s financial situation, the president said that if both the NX and smart devices are kept “on track [they] will be key to achieving Nintendo-like profit.” Kimishima promised that Nintendo’s expansion into smart device gaming “will depend on what kind of response we get from consumers.” He also spoke about how some mobile games will be released considering “the timing and design” of games on their own hardware, possibly meaning that they will promote or supplement releases on dedicated gaming systems. At the same time, they “are also considering developing titles for smart devices that are not at all tied to any games.”

Kimishima also discussed the ways in which development at Nintendo is changing. “Where development was split between handheld and home console divisions in the past, we have unified these activities for both hardware and software development, and the exciting new ideas coming from development are evidence of the progress being made as a result of that unification.” He also revealed a focus on fostering the talent of the future at the company. “The ideas of our young employees are also key to our ability to transition to the next generation and to continue to produce exciting ideas. It is important to structure our organization so that these young people can take active roles.”

It’s clear Kimishima, as president of Nintendo, has a lot on his plate. Let’s hope his predictions for a better fiscal year come true, as it will benefit both Nintendo employees and fans.