Recently, GameXplain made a video showing what Twilight Princess HD improved upon compared to the original game in regards to loading. Unsurprisingly, they found the loading times are significantly faster in the Wii U version when compared to the ten-year-old Wii version.

GameXplain was thorough, taking each loading shot in the Twilight Princess HD-focused Nintendo Minute and putting it side-by-side against the Wii version. They discovered improvements all around, such as Link moving 33% faster when climbing vines. When it came to loading screens, the Wii U version was an average 25% faster. The biggest difference was the loading screen when walking out of Malo Mart, registering a difference of 1.48 seconds. On the other hand, the smallest difference was when Link entered Castle Town from Hyrule Field, which registered only 0.41 seconds faster than the Wii version. You can check out the video below.

Even though it’s not much, it’s still nice to see Nintendo improve and focus on these small details to make our gaming experience all the more enjoyable.