Unreal Engine continues to live up to its name, this time bringing Ocarina of Time into breathtaking relief.

Through the efforts of ArtistArtorias and CryZENx, fans can now experience OoT in never-before-seen detail. From the texture of the stonework to the delicate butterflies that dance about Kakariko’s dandelions, Hyrule feels as vast and tangible as it did upon many fan’s first playthrough. Link himself is just cartoon-y enough, while the world around him glows with a magic only Unreal Engine’s seemingly limitless abilities can bring to your screen.

If a peek at the Temple of Time just isn’t enough, give ArtistArtorias‘ Kakariko Village a view. Though several months older than CryZENx‘s demo, his rendition of the iconic mountain town remains an enchanting spectacle worth exploring again and again.

Both artists have more projects in the wings, making an Unreal future more exciting than ever.

  • realy awesome graphics , efforts appreciated from
    AAP punjab

  • Shona

    This is so pretty! <3

  • Vladislak

    It looks fantastic! Although to be fair OoT has been ported and remade so many times that I’d rather other Zelda titles get this kind of attention.

    Not that I wouldn’t buy this if I could. 🙂

    • Ryan Haynes

      I think It’s pretty even between most games, counting all Virtual Console ports as one.

      Zelda 1 & 2 were ported four times, if we count Famicom Disk to Cartridge being a port. (I know it does for Zelda 1, since both were released in Japan, but I’m not sure about 2)

      ALttP was remade once, and ported once, although we’ll probably see a VC port of the GBA version (Without FS) at some point.

      the BS-X games don’t count, unfortunately, and since St. Giga is gone it’s unlikely we’ll ever see them again.

      LA was remade once, and ported once, if DX counts as a remake.

      OOT was remade once, ported three times.

      MM was remade once and ported twice.

      OoS & OoA were ported once.

      FS was remade once.

      WW was remade once

      FSA, Nada

      MC was ported once.

      TP has a remake coming, and was ported once, counting TP Wii as a port of TP GC.

      PH was ported once

      ST was ported once

      SS has nothing, but will probably be put on Wii U VC

      The rest are too new to really count.

      Now that I list it, I see what you mean, but since they’re all playable on Wii U and/or 3DS, (Barring FSA, Nintendo plz fix), it’s kind of a moot point.

  • Inder Dhada

    Amazing stuff thanks for sharing…..
    sucha singh chhotepur

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