Humanity’s work is now complete. What else is there for science to accomplish now that we can successfully operate Windows 95 on a New Nintendo 3DS XL? Okay, perhaps there are other problems for us to solve, but user and homebrewer Shutterbug2000 has righted a massive wrong by spending his holiday season figuring out how to run a significantly dated operating system on the latest Nintendo handheld console.

As of now we are limited to the vanity of seeing Windows 95 boot up on the 3DS, but the ultimate goal of course is to get classic PC games functioning somehow. Soon Nintendo 3DS players could be composing Word documents in the most impractical fashion before or after lengthy bouts of Tri Force Heroes without having to switch devices. Be advised, however, that using homebrew techniques to run Windows 95 on your 3DS is neither endorsed nor encouraged by Nintendo.

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