Sometimes you pick up a Zelda game, but all you want to do is play through that one sidequest you never finished or access a cool easter egg. You sift through pages upon pages of guides trying to find that little snippet of information and think to yourself — in true infomercial fashion– “there’s gotta be an easier way!”. Well Zelda Universe has you covered.

We’ve entered a new realm of social media by joining Squareknot, a platform that allows users to give their preferred step-by-step instructions for a particular task, with the idea that there are multiple ways to arrive at the same solution. Each week, we will feature a new guide via Squareknot that focuses strictly on one particular sidequest or “secret to everybody.”

Our first guide of the week is finding the Chris Houlihan Room in A Link to the Past. A little bit of history on the Chris Houlihan Room: Back in 1990, Nintendo Power ran a contest in which one randomly selected winner would have their name programmed in a future game, and Chris Houlihan won.

The method we feature is just one of the ways to access the room, but it’s what we consider to be the easiest. The beauty of Squareknot, however, is if there’s a way you prefer, you can always add your own “branches” to the guide.

We want to produce the guides that you want to see, so if there’s a Zelda guide that you’d like us to build, let us know, and while you’re at it, get on Squareknot and follow us!