If you plan on going to New York City within the next couple of weeks, then you have to visit the Nintendo World Store as soon as possible, because the store as you know it will no longer exist! The store will be closing down for a month in order to be completely renovated. This will happen on January 19, and when the store re-opens on February 19, the store will have a completely “new look and feel”.

The store will also be incorporating a 15-foot screen for 3DS and Wii U demos along with the renovated interior. There will even be a new slogan: “Where everyone comes to play.” On the day of the grand re-opening, there will be a large celebration, including exclusive merchandise! A picture of how the store will look like when done renovating was shared, and can be seen below.

Having never visited the store myself, I feel a bit sad for not having seen the store in its current form in-person, but I’m sure the store will look better than ever after it’s renovated.

new nintendo store


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