Nintendo’s new president, Tatsumi Kimishima, recently sat down with Sankei West for a brief interview, in which he talked about various subjects.

First off, he spoke about Wii U sales, stating that after the Wii became a financial success, the bar was set pretty high when they migrated to the Wii U. He also spoke about the company’s desire to get consumers used to playing games like Splatoon, thus speeding up the aforementioned migration. Afterwards, he spoke about the 3DS, and said that the portable console was given an increase in performance and popular titles in order to increase sales. However, Kimishima says there is still room for growth.

Next, the interview dwelled in mobile gaming. Nintendo’s president expressed his intention of making games on mobile devices. He wants them to provide a “different means of play” that are not possible with consoles, which could include short playing times and progressing in short times during the day.

The interview continued with talk of “My Nintendo”, the upcoming alternative to the discontinued rewards program Club Nintendo. Kimishima explained that the goal of it is to gain points by playing games, and to use these points to obtain bonuses at places like movie theaters and theme parks. My Nintendo also wants to give the players a chance to experience characters. Kimishima ended talk of My Nintendo by stating that Nintendo wants to expand into several businesses.

Finally, as the interview was ending, some information on Nintendo’s upcoming gaming platform, the Nintendo NX, was shared. Kimishima assures us that the NX will be an attractive console that will invite players to “jump in”. He also explained that this new console will be an experience completely different to the Wii U or the 3DS, and closed by affirming that progress is going steady at the moment.

During the interview, Tatsumi Kimishima also spoke a bit about Splatoon, stating that the use of paint and colors are what allowed it to be a family game, and that in the future, it might be able to extend it in a similar manner to the Super Mario Bros. franchise.