The release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is just a couple of months away. In preparation, the Zelda Universe guides team is planning to update all of our Twilight Princess guides, and publish new guides for the sections of the game that are not yet covered. The biggest undertaking will be a new walkthrough, published in the same style as the new Majora’s Mask walkthrough we began last year.

The guides team is made up of multiple positions, and we’re looking for additional members to three different roles. Each role is detailed below:


Writers are responsible for writing each guide and proofreading the work of other writers on the same team.

Each writer is assigned a proofreading partner and an editor. They need to be able to work together as a team.

Writers need to demonstrate a firm understanding of English grammar and spelling.

No coding knowledge is required for this position.


Editors are responsible for modifying the work of writers to fit the formatting of the website. This includes proofreading, fact checking, and editing text, but also determining when and where to use screenshots, hyperlinks, and other page elements.

Each editor is assigned a small team of writers to manage. They are expected to follow up with each writer on a weekly basis to check on progress.

No coding knowledge is required for this position.

Layout Designer

Layout designers are responsible for taking the work of an editor and creating the final layout in WordPress.

The majority of the page layouts can be completed without code, but some minor coding knowledge is required for some portions.

Previous experience with WordPress is a plus. No matter your previous experience, this position will require some training with the Zelda Universe team in order to learn how to use our tools and design rules.

This position is probably the most demanding on the guides team.

Are you ready to join the team?

Before you send us an application, please review each position and determine which you are most interested in pursuing. There are also a few other important things to remember:

  • The Zelda Universe team is run entirely by volunteers. Unfortunately, that means we are unable to pay you for your work. However, you are welcome to use your work in a portfolio, list us on your resume, and list us as a reference.
  • Right now, the guides team is only working on Twilight Princess. If you are not familiar with Twilight Princess, or want to write guides for a game other than Twilight Princess, please do not apply at this time.
  • On a similar note, because we are only working on Twilight Princess, we are only looking for a short term commitment. Please be prepared to work on the team for at least 6 months. Once the Twilight Princess project is completed, anyone who is hired can stay on the team for future projects or move on.
  • All of the positions are a significant time commitment. Please be certain that you have time to dedicate to the project before applying. You are expected to be easily contactable and be willing to join, participate, and collaborate with other team members using our online team communication tool.

Send us an application

If you are interested in applying for one of the positions detailed above, please send an email to Please include the position you are applying for in the subject field.

In the email, please provide your name, age, any applicable skills, and let us know a little bit about yourself. If you have a portfolio or samples of writing, please include them as well.