Rozen is the master of musical storytelling, and if anyone is fit to create a tribute album for Majora’s Mask, the most emotional of all the Zelda games, it’s him. His 10-track album Time Once Lost covers the music of Majora’s Mask in a cinematic style, giving you the feeling that you’re really there.

My personal favorite is “In the Streets of Clock Town” — it could easily work as the opening for a Disney animated feature or a Broadway-style musical. I can just picture the villagers of Clock Town, cheerfully going about their day, totally blind to the danger that will soon befall them.

Other standouts include “This Was Where You and I”, based on the tragic yet beautiful story of Anju and Kafei. “Voices of Healing” featuring vocals from singer/songwriter Reven, is an incredibly relaxing take on “Song of Healing”. If you’re having a rough day, or just need to decompress, give this one a listen — Reven’s soothing voice is bound to help you find your Zen.

You can purchase the album from iTunes and Loudr — it will be a great way to spend your Christmas money! Also be sure to check out Rozen’s previous Zelda works such as “Termina’s Demise” and “May We Meet Again”.

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