Kyle Hefley, a senior modeler at 343 Industries, has shown off his own realistic design for The Legend of Zelda protagonist Link.

3D Link Realistic

Kyle Hefley has worked on Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, which released recently on Xbox One. 343 Industries are a Microsoft-owned studio known for taking over the Halo series from original developers Bungie. Hefley previously worked with Activision on properties including Call of Duty and Spider-Man.


Hefley takes an unstylized approach not yet seen in an official Zelda game. The Space World 2000 Demo and Twilight Princess offer the most realistic versions of Link to date, but both appearances were restrained by hardware.

The Wind Waker’s aesthetic infamously divided fans when it was first unveiled, but the series is now known for regularly introducing new art styles: each 3D offering since Majora’s Mask has sported a different look. Would a gritty, realistic Link alienate fans today, or could this be accepted as one of Link’s many faces? 

You can find more of Kyle Hefley’s work over on his ArtStation page.

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