A recent post on the official Legend of Zelda official Facebook page has let its fans know that you can sign up to be notified when Hyrule Warriors Legends will be available to pre-order.

All you have to do is follow the link in the post below, answer the question on the following page, and enter your name and email address. The page will ask you “which new character [you are] most looking forward to playing as in Hyrule Warriors Legends“. By submitting your answer and your details, you’ll then be the “first to hear when [the game] and the limited edition are available to pre-order”. That’s not all: you’ll also be entered into a competition to win a copy of the game when it releases!

The page prompts you to choose between Linkle, Tetra and Toon Link. I actually had a pretty hard time deciding. I’m excited to play as my main man Toon Link, seeing as he’s my favourite of all the heroes of legend in the series so far. Then I’m also looking forward to trying out Tetra, with her sick pirate sword and pistols looking to offer a new spin on gameplay. In the end I decided on Linkle; it’s going to be fun trying someone new and I’m in the camp that think she’s an awesome addition to the game. I don’t even think her name is that dumb — there, I said it.

How about you guys?