Thousands of gamers descended on Melbourne, Australia last weekend for the third annual PAX Australia. PAX is a convention for the fans first and foremost, and many of them spend a lot of time making costumes in order to cosplay as their favorite characters there. I myself sacrificed a lot of sleep in the week leading up to the event trying to get a new costume finished in time. The cosplay was out in force at PAX Australia this year with some incredible costumes on display, and I was very happy to see no shortage of fantastic Zelda cosplayers.

Zelda Universe staffer The Missing Link and I snapped pictures of all of the Zelda cosplayers that we came across over the weekend, apart from the odd occasion when we were stuck in a queue or couldn’t get to someone in the distance. After looking at photos online I saw a few Zelda cosplayers that we hadn’t seen at PAX in person, so I’m sorry if we missed you! Here are the Legend of Zelda cosplayers that we ran into on Saturday and Sunday.

20151031_133129Heads-Up Cosplay looking intimidating as Zant.

20151031_133825We came across this group which included Tri Force Heroes Link in the Zelda dress. Loved it! Regular Link cosplayed by Drayke Cosplay and both Midna and Tri Force Heroes Link are from 5Milkshakes Cosplay.


The Missing Link as King Harkinian from the CD-i Zelda games with his boi, Link.

20151031_143701Brianna as a fantastic Sheik. Her posing was on point.

20151031_153044These Skull Kid and Goron cosplayers were so sweet and were more than happy to pause their tabletop game to let us take a picture. I think this is also the first time I’ve ever seen someone cosplay a Goron.


The detail on these costumes was fantastic. I believe someone told me that the Link and Ganondorf cosplayers might actually be twins.

20151101_125621Sheik and Link. Link, cosplayed by Josh, had a cute little Navi on his costume, but he also carried a squashed Navi in his pocket, referencing a well-known piece of fan art. However, these guys were stolen off for a photo shoot before we got the chance to take a picture of it. Josh was awesome enough to send me a picture which you can see here.

20151101_144656Skyloft Link and Zelda.

20151101_174907Midna, in her Twili form.

20151031_184232One final picture of The King, for good measure.

If any of these pictures feature you, let us know and we can update the caption!


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