A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo asked Zelda fans to vote from a list of pre-selected questions to ask Tri Force Heroes developers Eiji Aonuma and Hiromasa Shikata. Well, the results are now in, and the Q&A is live!

First of all, the developers clarify that Tri Force Heroes does in fact have a place in the official series’ timeline, despite some uncertainty from Shikata and even complete dismissal by a Nintendo representative in the past. While this news might make timeline enthusiasts happy, it does seem like a last-minute, slapdash attempt to cater to this specific crowd. Are you ready?

“The game takes place several years after A Link Between Worlds and features the same hero.” That’s right, the hero from A Link Between Worlds has taken a break from saving the world and is now on a quest to save a princess from her horrific fashion sense!

“Certain events bring him to the kingdom of Hytopia, where he dresses as he does in order to hide his heroic origins.” So what about those other two fellows? “There’s no telling where the other hero candidates come from, but the player character you control is the true Hyrulian hero from A Link Between Worlds.”

“The game takes place several years after A Link Between Worlds and features the same hero.”

So why only three Links this time? Why no Purple Link? Well, as Shikata has told us before, he found that utilising four Links in the game’s Totem mechanic would make the stack too high. “Having four people would make rearranging this totem difficult, and the two people in the middle wouldn’t have much to do a lot of the time. In terms of the camera, too, we’d have to zoom out from the environment the higher the stack gets, which would naturally make the player characters smaller.”

This answer gets more interesting as it goes on, discussing gameplay advantages  I hadn’t even considered when changing from four Links to three. “If you’re divided into groups of two and one, the sole player gets worried about being separated from the group, and the other two get worried about how they’ve lost their partner. As a result, they’ll start to naturally stick together and try to work as a trio.”

It also improves the balance and allows for a better general judgement when going forward as a team. “[W]hen a group of people are deciding upon something, they generally rely on majority vote a lot of the time. With four people, this creates the chance of a 2-2 tie, making it hard to make snap judgments on what to do next. Having a trio work together is suited pretty well for puzzle-solving.” Sounds like they’ve thought this through!

Another little tidbit reveals that “Hyrule and Hytopia are connected,” although this isn’t elaborated on any further. Tri Force Heroes was inspired by Spirit Tracks, ” where you alternated between controlling your player character and the Phantoms.”

  • DimensionalRanger

    Well, the Downfall Timeline got cheerful real fast….

    • Vladislak

      Yeah that’s really the thing that confuses me the most. The downfall timeline doesn’t really make sense for that game. I mean that timeline only get’s worse as time goes on until eventually Hyrule is basically reduced to a wasteland with citizens huddling in caves and giving children wooden swords.

      • DimensionalRanger

        Shhh, don’t scare the kids that are going to play this game. It’s up to us, the hardcore fans, to worry about that :).

      • True Davad

        The downfall timeline doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, especially in other Kingdoms! It is a little silly a premise for the timeline at all though, as I said in a earlier post on this page.

  • True Davad

    But the premise of this game is too silly to be in the Timeline! I haven’t played it yet, though I am definitely getting it, but based on the info I have it has a very silly premise that doesn’t make sense in the canon story of the timeline. Physics aside, canon needs to be at least a little realistic in the what is crisis and how characters react. I don’t think every future game has to be in the timeline just as Hyrule Warriors and obviously the CD-I Games are not in the timeline. I home Nintendo turns out to have thought this through after all when I play the game…

    • DimensionalRanger

      I emphasize with you. But this is a video game, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it, being fictional. 🙁

      • Isaac Cook

        empathize not emphasize ffs

        • DimensionalRanger

          Oh, thanks.

  • Nick the Hero1

    This is so stupid. It’s like tingle’s rosy rupeeland being part of the canon. I was wary of ALWB, because it’s like a remake AND an original. But now Triforcce heroes? Give me a break! Have Aonuma and Miyamoto lost their minds or something? This is totally not a serious game. Imagine reading the split timeline where the hero is defeated:
    “The dark evil king once once again vanquished and imprisoned by the hero, and the forces of light. Shortly thereafter, a terrible evil suddenly began to fall upon the land once again. Hyrule’s sense of fashion and clothing was on the line, in danger. An evil woman who didn’t like the princess’s clothing placed a spell-binding curse of black jumpsuit! Oh the humanity! The people were grief-stricken at the thought of not having a kingdom fashion model to look up to, so they cried out to the goddesses for relief. The goddesses heard the cries of the people, and saw that the land was in grave danger. How could it even think of surviving at this point?! But a hero appeared in shining armor (in his own terrible sense of fashion, go figure), and smote the evil witch! And once again, Hyrule’s destiny was saved from aesthetic jeopardy, And the people lived in another time of peace, content to watch their fashion model of a princess once again.”