On the topic of where the upcoming Tri Force Heroes fits in the official Zelda timeline, Director Hiromasa Shikata told us that this wasn’t yet decided. Now, Nintendo of Canada spokesperson Julie Gagnon has a more firm statement on the matter, telling Nintendo Enthusiast that the game doesn’t have a place in the timeline at all.

Gagnon was asked about Nintendo’s annualisation strategy on their key franchises, such as ZeldaMario and Pokemon. In her response, she revealed something interesting regarding Tri Force Heroes. “It really depends on what the developer has in mind for the franchises. Sometimes you have Zelda sequels and what we have today with Zelda: Triforce [sic] Heroes is completely different and not in the timeline of Zelda.”

“Sometimes you have Zelda sequels […] Tri Force Heroes is completely different and not in the timeline of Zelda.”

“So, it really depends on what the developer has in mind and what they propose,” she continues, getting to the root of her answer. “So, I think it’s more a coincidence that we have all these great franchises that people like for each year. This isn’t necessarily something we will see for all the years in the future.”

From what we currently know about the simplicity and light-hearted nature of the game’s plot compared to many of its predecessors, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that Tri Force Heroes doesn’t fit into the overarching lore of Zelda. While this may disappoint eager enthusiasts of the timeline, this could be a great thing for a game of this style. Shikata won’t be bound to the timeline and forced to make Tri Force Heroes fit into it, and can instead focus on just creating another amazing game and a fun co-op experience.

  • DimensionalRanger

    I thought so…

  • True Davad

    I agree with this decision. It didn’t sound like it had a serious enough plot for a canon Zelda game. Fashion obsessed kingdom with a princess forced to wear a hideous dress as the problem? It will probably still be a great game though.

  • CEObrainz

    They could just make all multiplayer Zelda’s non-canon and be done with it.

    • DimensionalRanger


    • Vladislak

      The only problem with that is that Minish cap directly ties into Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, you’d be chopping off two thirds of the four swords trilogy.

  • Nick

    i dont know… this looks like an off comment and wasnt really the main point of her statement. considering she is the nintendo of canada spokeswoman and this was said almost tangentially, id give it a little while to hear from the actual creators on where this might fit. mistakes like this have been made before in official statements, so i wouldnt be surprised. that being said i agree its likely this doesnt fit on the timeline because the story seems to out of place.

    • Vladislak

      It’s also worth noting that the director of the game previously said he didn’t know where it fit in the timeline. It comes out Fall 2015 (so it’s probably finished or nearly finished), so if they haven’t even decided where it’d take place by now then there may really be some truth to this statement.

      • Nick


  • finny nightswim

    I read elsewhere that this was definitely the 18th installment of tLoZ