It should not come as a surprise that Tri Force Heroes, being a multiplayer-centric installment to our beloved series, will focus heavily on gameplay between friends. Hiromasa Shikata and Eiji Aonuma were recently interviewed by 4Gamer about the game, broaching the subject of online multiplayer and why they decided to not follow in the footsteps of Four Swords Adventures: Anniversary Edition.

Simply put, Aonuma stated that the developers analyzed player surveys and noticed that they received feedback about the distinct lack of online multiplayer functionality. Due to the common theme in the surveys, the development team was determined to add this feature to Tri Force Heroes.

In Four Swords fashion, however, Shikata discussed a special item called “Proof of Friendship” that can only be accessed locally or via Download Play and not through solo or online multiplayer. This item will be used to unlock special costumes within the game.

“We mainly want people to play the game’s multiplayer,” Aonuma stated, also admitting that they understand that it may be harder for adults to “gather with buddies”. That being said, the game was designed with face-to-face multiplayer in mind. Online multiplayer was added for those of us who cannot meet in person, however, the idea does get shafted a bit when you consider that you technically cannot achieve a 100% run without connecting locally with a friend.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will release on October 22 in Japan, October 23 in North America and Europe, and October 24 in Australia for the Nintendo 3DS.