If you want to hundred-percent Tri Force Heroes, you’ll need a few friends on hand.

So far, two costumes have been revealed that will only become available by collecting items known as Friendly Tokens. These tokens are earned through local and download multiplayer, and can be redeemed at Madame Couture’s shop (along with a few hundred Rupees) to net you new costumes.

The Timeless Tunic, which gives Link a nostalgic 8-bit look, will require three Friendly Tokens and 100 Rupees if you want to change the music to chiptune tracks.

Tri Force Heroes Timeless Tunic

The second exclusive costume is the Tri Suit, requiring five Friendly Tokens and 300 Rupees. Its function is currently unknown, but Madame Couture’s catalog promises “good things are bound to happen!” if three of these costumes come together.

Tri Force Heroes Tri Suit

Online multiplayer won’t grant you the Friendly Tokens needed to get these costumes, so if you’re set on the dazzling duds you’ll need to gather your friends together in one room. If you’re content with the single-player mode or regional online multiplayer, the lack of these costumes won’t make or break the experience. After all, there are plenty of other costumes earned through regular play, with a few more yet to be revealed.

Tri Force Heroes releases on the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on October 23, and Australia on October 24.