The new information about Hyrule Warriors Legends teased last week by the game’s official Twitter has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu as a new playable character and a new boss.

Skull Kid of Majora’s Mask fame is the newest fighter to be added to the Hyrule Warriors Legends roster, and like the other new characters, he will be transferable to the Wii U version. With the element of darkness and an ocarina as his weapon, he commands two familiar fairies at his side to aid him in attacks. Additionally, the power of Majora’s Mask allows Skull Kid to fire heat lasers from the mask’s eyes. When that isn’t enough, bringing a number of enemies together gives Skull Kid the chance to attack them all at once or eliminate them with an explosion. More crowd control is provided by the puppets seen in Twilight Princess, who come to Skull Kid’s aid with a blow of his trumpet and attack enemies autonomously.

HWL Skull Kid 2

The Phantom Ganon incarnation from The Wind Waker is a new boss who will do his best to hinder Link and his allies. With his dual swords in-hand he can teleport at will and create illusions, making for a confusing battle. Adding to his arsenal is the return of his energy attack, which can be sent back at him, and he is able to intercept items used against him. Another interesting note is the fact that the Famitsu scans show Phantom Ganon fighting against Link in an area similar to Jalhalla’s boss room in The Wind Waker. Could we be getting a second new stage aside from the conglomerated one from The Wind Waker that was already revealed?


Aside from a possible new stage, a fighting mechanic is being added to Hyrule Warriors Legends to make tackling giant bosses a little easier. Called Smash Boost Power, this mechanic allows up to four characters to join together and take down a giant boss, such as King Dodongo or The Helmaroc King. When at least one character from the battle joins the player’s character against a giant boss, the boss will take on a green outline making it more susceptible to the characters’ attacks. Each subsequent character multiplies the Smash Boost Power effect, resulting in quicker victories and possibly better rewards.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS on January 21, 2016 in Japan. That leaves plenty of time for new characters, bosses, and stages to possibly be revealed. Whom or what are you hoping for?

  • Ryan Haney

    I’d like some A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds locations, bosses, and costumes.

  • Isaac Cook

    So no Vaati I guess, but Skull Kid is just as good. Hope the Wii U version gets Legends content DLC or something…

  • DimensionalRanger

    How does one play an ocarina through a mask?

    • Ryan Haney

      How would one hover and cause a moon to crash into the planet it orbits?

      • DimensionalRanger

        That wasn’t the real moon, it disintegrated at the end when Majora was destroyed (skull kid’s moon that is). The real moon wouldn’t do that.

        • Ryan Haynes

          But Termina had no physical “real” moon to speak of. The rainbow effect could be it just being released from the curse and being returned to the sky.

          • DimensionalRanger

            I’m not talking about the rainbow, I mean that skull kid’s moon just vanished into nothingness after Majora is beaten. And, yes, there is no real moon other than that giant leering thing throughout the game, but if the real moon had been drawn down onto Termina, its gravitational pull would wreak havoc. But maybe rational thinking doesn’t have its place in Zelda :).

  • Richard Rahl

    “he will be transferable to the Wii U version.”
    So I would need to be the almost ecaxt game on the 3ds to get this one char on thw WiiU?
    Why don’t we get all the new chars for the 3ds on the WiiU?

    • JasonBall

      Because Nintendo runs a business.

  • JasonBall

    The… the site LIVES!!!

  • Kyle


  • You’d think Vaati would be in, since he’s in three games. ;;