Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account has recently uploaded a new Nintendo Direct-style video featuring Zelda director Eiji Aonuma, who presents us with new gameplay of Tri Force Heroes. Though the video is in Japanese and lacking subtitles, the video still manages to visually communicate what Aonuma is saying.

The video is quite lengthy at 15 minutes, covering various different aspects of the game. Aonuma begins by talking about Four Swords and A Link to the Past, before comparing the similarities to Tri Force Heroes. He then goes over how Download Play and multiplayer will work with the game.

We see Aonuma begin playing the game in a village where he enters a castle and speaks with an elderly NPC to begin multiplayer mode. We are then taken to the world map, where he selects a forest area to begin playing with other players. He plays through the level and then shows off a few costumes, along with a water- and fire-based levels.

Though what Aonuma is showing off does give us a bit more information about the game. I’m more interested to see if these types of videos will be replacing the traditional Nintendo Direct videos we are used to.