Nintendo has always been a leading producer in handheld video games, and because of that, they’ve dominated the market as of late with their Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Looking at Nintendo from a business perspective, they’ve done everything right for their audience by producing a handheld console with content that people of all ages would love to play, while adding a diverse price for the hardware.

Nintendo of America’s Executive VP of Sales, Scott Moffit, divulged that a main focal point of the sales and popularity behind all models of the 3DS is due to the content that Nintendo has provided for their consumers stating, “It all starts and ends with great content.”

“It all starts and ends with great content.”

While the diverse content of the 3DS has played a large role in the popularity, offering a lower price for the Nintendo 2DS helped to increase their sales since the content was still playable minus the 3D technology and price tag. Moffit explains, “We’ve got a range of hardware at different price points that allow a variety of gamers to play the content at a price point they can afford. Its accessibility has really been part of the magic.”

“Its accessibility has really been part of the magic”

Going from a questionable handheld system to a genius device, Nintendo solidified their future by producing the New Nintendo 3DS XL, which has new features such as the amiibo reader and extra d-pad on the right side. There are many more new features that embody the New Nintendo 3DS XL including the microSD card reader that the original model neglected to have.

Moffit reports that by marketing the new product alone, Nintendo sold over 40 percent above their predicted amount. “We were short on product when we first launched the [New Nintendo 3DS XL]. It was selling 40 percent above what we were forecasting and expecting. All we’ve shared in regards to numbers of the system is that we’ve sold half a million units in the first couple of months.”

3DSXL vs New 3DS XL

From the consumer standpoint I can say that their New Nintendo 3DS XL model is quite enjoyable, but I wouldn’t personally turn in my Link Between Worlds 3DS XL edition just for an amiibo reader. The technology is becoming available through an external source that will connect with the 3DS, making the necessity for the New Nintendo 3DS XL not a priority.