In a recent Facebook post, Akira Himekawa, the duo behind the Legend of Zelda manga, revealed a new tote bag that would be available at upcoming anime, manga, and comic conventions where Viz Media is present.

Should you find Viz Media’s booth and purchase something from them, you may become the new owner of this functional piece of memorabilia. The front of each bag features Himekawa’s art of Navi and young Link from the Ocarina of Time manga. On the back, the familiar Triforce crest can be seen.

Akira Himekawa VizMedia tote bag front

Akira Himekawa VizMedia tote bag back

This looks like a great bag for carrying apples (or carrots for Epona!) Supplies will undoubtedly be limited at each convention, so be on the lookout for Viz Media’s booth. If you aren’t able to snag one of these bags, you can look forward to Akira Himekawa’s next Zelda manga instead.