Did you ever wish you could see all of A Link to the Past’s amazing overworld without marching square by square? Over at Zelda Live Maps, creators have worked hard to make a connected, animated map of A Link to the Past’s Dark World, Light World, and Zora’s Domain using the JADSDS engine.

Each map is seamless, and the landscapes and sprites move in real time. Presented in such a way it’s a sight to behold, and you can get a grasp on the sense of scope in the SNES game (as well as see some graphical shortcuts Nintendo took).

Dark World Map Ganons Tower

Light World Map Kakariko

Light World Map Zoras Domain

These maps are best viewed in their original states, but you won’t have long to enjoy them. Due to a lack of funds generated by the Android app Pixels Live Wallpaper Pro, the site can no longer be hosted, and it will expire come September. Be sure to get your fill of these beautiful maps before then!