Nintendo has been in the process of redesigning their Miiverse that is featured on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While this process may seem insignificant, their goal is to make communicating about video games much easier through this community outlet. By listening to the community and their opinions, Nintendo has put forth a few new measures making sure Miiverse is strictly game-related information where you can find quick answers to your questions and share your gameplay.

Example Complaint Miiverse

Among the many changes ahead, the most important is the posting limitation that they will put into effect, limiting unrelated spam and keeping everything on topic. There are many other changes, mostly around the subject of screenshots and discussions. Below are the additions and changes that are currently being developed.

  • Feature to attach screenshots in the Drawing section, onto your drawings.
  • Screenshots saved in the Album can be posted into the Play Journal.
  • Enable posting of screenshots from Album into the “Drawings” and “Discussion” sections.
  • All posts and comments before the overhaul will be viewed and not deleted.
  • Activity Feed will remain, but posting in it is unavailable.

Nintendo will still be listening to the community and adding more changes as they can. The full overhaul is still a work-in-progress so you can expect further changes over the year.

What kinds of alterations would you like to see in Miiverse?