Is your Nintendo Gallery looking a little sparse? Have a few spots to fill? Look no further than to GameStop for three new, small figurines that are available for pre-order, along with a larger Dark Horse statue based on Skyward Sword Link.

This November, Medicom is releasing three different “Ultra Detail” Link figures, once found only in JapanSkyward Sword, The Wind Waker, and The Legend of Zelda are all represented in the upcoming release. They’re based on sculptures by Yohei Kaneko and are very economical, priced at only $12.99 each.

GameStop Link Skyward Sword

GameStop Link Wind Waker

GameStop Link Legend of Zelda

Unfortunately, no image exists of Dark Horse’s upcoming Skyward Sword Link, priced at $79.99. It could be that iconic image of Link with his sword raised skyward, or it may be another pose entirely. We’ll keep you updated on future details!