A Link Between Worlds has one of the greatest scores in the entire Zelda franchise. The arrangements created by Ryo Nagamatsu are breathtaking, and even improve upon their predecessors from A Link to the Past, which is no small feat. A Link Between Worlds is one of those types of games that needs to be played with headphones to fully appreciate its music, as it is simply that good. As a tribute to the wonderful music in the game, today’s pick for Music Monday is “Lorule Overworld 2.” It’s not just the melody, but the beautiful orchestration and wonderful arrangement that stand out. The combination of the two makes it the ideal piece to highlight today for Music Monday.

  • finny nightswim

    Perfect pick. Thumbs up Morgan!

  • Ryan Haney

    Nice pick.
    I agree about the headphone thing. Not just the music, but the sound effects, too, are better with headphones on.

  • Darkstar

    ALBW had one of the most epic soundtracks (Next to TP and SS) and was very impressive. Hopefully Zelda U tops all of the previous games in the sound department

    • Ryan Haney

      I agree, but I would add WW to your list.

      • Son of Kalas

        i would add WW and take off TP