Aeipathy Industries made waves last year with their Zeldamotion project, taking Akira Himekawa’s A Link to the Past manga and adapting it to an animated video. The first episode was released to a lot of support, and was a project made almost entirely by director and lead animator Michael Patch in his spare time. As such, nine months have passed since the first episode was released, but Patch looks to speed up the process with his newly announced Kickstarter.

With an expanded crew and fan support, Patch wants to bring his Zelda anime project to life. The Kickstarter, if funded at its base goal of $24,000, will give fans the much-awaited Episode 2 of the A Link to the Past anime. Subsequent stretch goals will provide the funds for more episodes to be created, and if the final stretch goal of $298,000 is reached, the entire series — at 90 minutes long — will be released.

Zeldamotion ALttP anime stretch goals

There are a wide range of tiers fans can pledge at, from the $5 Kokiri tier up to the $10,000 Legend tier, which will include a meet with the team and the title of producer. Personally, I’ll be pledging at the $60 Twili tier for a nice blu-ray/DVD of the series, but if you don’t want a physical copy you can pledge $30 at the Gerudo tier for an HD download of the produced episodes, plus previous rewards.

Additional funds raised past the last stretch goal will go towards future Zelda anime projects based on other games, namely Ocarina of Time — a game that inspired Patch to pursue animation. His goal with these projects is to create “an authentic feeling, cinematic Zelda anime.” He has high hopes given the success of other Zelda projects such as Zelda Reorchestrated, and with crew and fan support behind him this goal can be achieved.

Check out the Kickstarter for a video and more details on making and supporting this project!

  • Ryan Haynes

    I really hope the kickstarter isn’t shut down by Nintendo, but… Now that money being exchanged… Anyone remember the kickstarter for the Metroid Fan-film?

    • Ryan Haynes

      Called it. But don’t cancel the project, just continue working as you were before the kickstarter, slow and steady wins the race.

  • Captainmundane

    Michael Patch from Zeldamotion here. We have received a lot of controversial feedback, and so we have created a poll to help us make the best decision moving forward.

  • Ryan Haynes

    The kickstarter was shut down by Nintendo. Can someone update this?