Ocarina of Time is a timeless classic which many regard as the greatest game of all time, and the Nintendo eShop may just attest to that. Despite only being available on the eShop for approximately a week, Nintendo’s classic has jumped the charts and currently holds the number one spot as the highest selling eShop title, with Splatoon and Earthbound: Beginnings following it. Ocarina of Time is one of our favorite titles here at Zelda Universe, and we expected nothing less. It is still impressive though to see the game accompanied by such high-profile games such as Super Mario World and Super Mario 64.

Will you be playing Ocarina of Time on your Wii U anytime in the near future?

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  • JasonBall

    Holy crap. Only a week!

  • Ryan Haney

    How do you control the C button items on the GamePad?

    • The stick on the right of the pad is used as the c button, and it is a little harder than the old c button/stick on the N64. I was hoping to change it to the D pad but it isn’t an option.

      • Ryan Haney

        Thank you for answering. I was starting to think I would have to buy the game for the 4th time just to answer my curiosity. There aren’t any pages on Game FAQs or IGN that answer that.

        • You are welcome, I bought it because I don’t have a 3DS so being able to play it on the gamepad is worth it.