Kit and Krysta are the familiar faces behind the Nintendo Minute videos on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. In their latest video, the duo are joined by another familiar face, Reggie Fils-Aime. In Reggie’s office, Kit and Krysta try to keep their sticky fingers to themselves while they discuss Nintendo’s presence at E3 2015.

Reggie, Kit, and Krysta discuss the Nintendo World Championships first, and touch on the amount of work that went into preparing and presenting the monumental event, as well as Reggie’s rematch of sorts against HungryBox in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. They also talk about how Nintendo’s E3 booth was different compared to other companies, with Nintendo’s interactive content and games. Reggie discusses how much he enjoyed seeing fans and playing with them in the booth. The trio finish out their discussion with the popular Nintendo puppets, and “similar creative experiences” that have influenced developers such as Shigeru Miyamoto.

You can check out the full video below.