Ocarina of Time came out last week on Virtual Console for the Wii U, and while gameplay-wise it is not different from other incarnations of the game, there is something about this version that makes it stand out from others. What is it you ask? A weird texture glitch that causes some objects like trees, water and far away buildings to disappear whenever Adult Link takes out a Deku Stick.

This glitch seems to lag the game significantly, as seen on the video below, and can sometimes crash the game. YouTube user ZeldaFreakGlitcha shows us the glitch on a more detailed scale in the video below.


    You do know this is the result of an entirely other complex glitch called RBA (reverse bottle adventure) which means he has deku stick on B, not the C buttons. This didn’t happen when adult Link simply “takes out a Deku Stick”

  • veeronic

    I don’t quite see the problem considering you’re not even supposed to be able to use deku sticks as adult Link

  • Nello Ped

    Somebody please edit and revamp this post? This is not the truth that is stated here. The glitch that does that, is the so called reverse bottle adventure glitch.