Currently, tidbits of Zelda Wii U news are as rare as oases in the Gerudo Desert. This has led some fans to think the game won’t come out next year, or even on the Wii U, despite reassurances from Nintendo employees Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime. Fans of both the company and the Legend of Zelda franchise are familiar with how protective Nintendo can be when it comes to its IPs. The company has branched out in recent times with the announcements of future theme park partnerships and mobile games, but could this protective nature be hurting the development of Zelda Wii U?

Fans may fear this, but it’s unlikely with partners willing to step in and offer help and ideas. The Wii U has benefited from such developers as Platinum Games, who worked with Nintendo to bring great experiences like The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 to the Wii U; and most recently it was revealed they are helping with StarFox Zero.

“Monolith Soft is always available and we would love to help anytime people ask us.”

Monolith Soft is another partner that appears to be a great fit for Nintendo. As far back as the GameCube days the developer was on board, helping to bring Baten Kaitos to the aptly-named console. They have continued to publish and contribute to games on the Nintendo DS family of systems, such as A Link Between Worldsas well as the Wii and Wii U. A certain Wii game in particular, Xenoblade Chronicles, launched a movement to get it localized in North America, making it a sleeper hit among JRPG fans and ensuring its place in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.

Monolith Soft has worked hard to bring the sequel to life. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a bigger, more ambitious game than the original in terms of open-world gameplay and mechanics. In an interview with Game Informer about the game, the subject of Monolith Soft’s potential involvement with Zelda Wii U inevitably came up. The developer helped out with Skyward Sword after all, and fans — as well as Nintendo employees like Bill Trinen — have drawn comparisons between Xenoblade Chronicles X and the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Xenoblade Chronicles X sunset

Zelda Wii U sunset cliffWhile the art styles are different, there are some similarities between the games already noticed by fans.

When talking of their relationship with Nintendo, Xenoblade Chronicle X’s director Tetsuya Takahashi revealed they held weekly development meetings with the company to discuss progress on the game. Monolith Soft often provided “reports and feedback on the technology and the different kinds of problems [they] encountered.” This information was then shared internally with Nintendo’s various development teams, meaning the Zelda Wii U team has likely already benefited from Monolith Soft’s help.

But what about becoming more involved with Zelda Wii U’s development? While Monolith Soft hasn’t been asked directly for help, Takahashi was open to the idea, saying, “I would want to say that Monolith Soft is always available and we would love to help anytime people ask us.”

Any contribution Monolith Soft can provide towards Zelda Wii U would be a welcome one, as it could be the most open Zelda game since the original Legend of Zelda. A developer close to Nintendo with experience in the open-world genre could bring a lot of ideas to a franchise that has retreaded familiar territory in recent installments. We’ll have to wait for the next oasis of information to learn more of this potential partnership.

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  • Vladislak

    I’m not opposed to the idea, but at the same time the Zelda team seems to be doing fine. They’ve already explained their reasons for lack of info on the new game and I trust them to get it done right.

    It is nice of Monolith Soft to offer though. 🙂

  • Andrew Kirby

    I would hate for Nintendo to start garnering a large amount of help for their famous titles (In house); under the fear that the game would lose the “Nintendo Magic” that we have come to love in the past 20 years. Although Nintendo would never let that happen, I believe it’s a fear that people should realize. Of course, getting help on a game title is not a bad thing but, a vast array of changes can be made and the game could become something completely different than intended.

  • Gerald Hartman

    games already done they are delaying it on purpose for nx or just the the anniversary

    • ajvizz

      I think all three are true. They want to celebrate 30th, they want a solid launch title for NX, and they want address the “overworld looks boring” concerns.

    • Sdudyoy

      I don’t think Nintendo would delay a finished game almost two years for that reason, the game was supposed to come out at the end of this year, the NX doesn’t come out till at least 2017.

      As far as the anniversary goes, that’s a little more plausible, but I doubt that as well.

      Nintendo knows how many people bought the Wii U for the promised Zelda game, and they can’t go back on that without fans loosing trust in them.

      • Gerald Hartman

        then u better from their history they did this with the wii