E3 has come to a close, and with that there is a certain amount of reflection, relief, and excitement for what’s to come! After traveling 4,000 miles roundtrip in order to go to the show, I’ve found myself reflecting a great deal not only on the show and how I feel about Nintendo, but on where I am in my life and where I’m going. I used to do this a great deal a pre-teen as I dealt with a multitude of different issues, and I would always go back and listen to the end credits of Ocarina of Time to help me sort my thoughts out. It saved me in what was probably the most difficult part of my life.

That’s why, once again, I am listening to Ocarina of Time’s end credits, contemplating my time at E3 and where I am heading in my life. It is such a beautiful piece of music that sums up one of Nintendo’s most incredible journeys to date, despite the game being 17 years old. That’s why it is my choice for today’s Music Monday.

  • DimensionalRanger

    I use Zelda music the same way 😀

    • Morgan

      It really is great!!! I especially love OoT’s music. It is soooo good! (:

  • Ryan Haney

    Did you get to go to the E3 at Best Buy thing? There are 2 Best Buys within ten minutes of my house, but e3.nintendo.com directed me to one in a different suburb of Houston that is about 30 minutes away, one on the other side of town 2 hours away, and one in Galveston an hour and a half away. Obviously I picked the closest one. The toll way was closed for construction so the detour made it take an hour to get there. When I got to were the website sent me I found an empty lot! Then, I asked Google on my phone where the Best Buy in Katy was. I went there and they weren’t having the event. So, 2 and a half hours of driving and no demos.
    Nice Music Monday pick, by the way.

    • Morgan

      I was at E3 🙂 Read my hands-on impressions for Tri Force Heroes!