In the future, Nintendo’s eShop, along with Microsoft’s Xbox Live Store and the Playstation Network, will be joining the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).

This might not sound like the most thrilling news, but it’s actually good for Nintendo and other platforms who release digital games and applications in various countries. Recently, it was reported by Nintendo Everything that Tappingo 2 will not be releasing in Germany on its upcoming June 25 date. The reason? Germany has a rating system called USK, which differs from the PEGI system usually used throughout the rest of Europe. Acquiring this extra rating would cost money not easily obtained by the small team behind Tappingo 2, though Hugo Smits, the developer behind the game, hopes to self-publish it in Germany in the future.

IARC aims to simplify the process of releasing a game or app that must adhere to various rating systems across the world. By filling out a questionnaire through IARC, developers can instantly place their game or app in the correct age group for each country, saving both time and money. The ratings are then displayed alongside the game or app in its respective digital shop.

Check out the video below for a great explanation of how IARC works.

With a system like the IARC in place, it’s now easier than ever for indie games, such as Tappingo 2, to reach a larger audience. The effects might not be noticeable once Nintendo joins up with IARC, but the partnership will no doubt be beneficial to gamers across the world.