The Japan-exclusive 3DS app, Collectible Badge Center, has added a few new Legend of Zelda badges to its collection. Only last month we reported Wind Waker HD badges appeared, and now even more are available to deck out the 3DS home screen.

Joining the initial retro Legend of Zelda set and the A Link Between Worlds set, the newest Wind Waker badges feature Link, Princess Zelda, and Tingle, as well as a Triforce emblem and border pieces. They were released alongside new Animal Crossing badges.

Zelda Collectible Badge Center Wind Waker

Zelda Collectible Badge Center Wind Waker 2

The Collectible Badge Center is not yet available in the West. However, there is the chance Nintendo’s Digital Event on June 16 may bring us word of this charming application’s localization. Are you hoping to hear of the Collectible Badge Center during E3 next week?