YouTuber Callegos-Y has created a wonderful short film based on the Zelda universe where Link faces a difficult dilemma: his shield has just been set ablaze and turned to ash after being hit by flaming arrows! “Racing for Rupees” follows Link’s journey through Hyrule Castle Town as he tries to collect enough Rupees to purchase the elusive Hylian Shield, which is the sturdiest shield in the entire Zelda series. Link and the other characters are incredibly well animated throughout the film, making for some truly hilarious moments.

Although he is still the silent protagonist we know and love, it makes me wonder if a Zelda animated series with a silent Link would work if done correctly. After all, it is because of his silence that so many moments in the short film work so well.


  • Joey van Herwaarde

    This was amazing xD

  • Jo3yy

    AHAHAHA as an animation student this made me laugh so hard! The animation was so cheesy it works so well aw man X3

  • GreenLinkMaster

    well it was deffinetly interesting. I’ve been working on learning modeling and animating myself, and have always wanted to make some Zelda videos of my own. but that’s deffinetly a loooong way off. I wounder what my videos would actually look like when I was done with them tho? anyways this was a nice video and I hope to see more people making animated Zelda videos.

  • Ryan Haney

    I like how they used visuals from Hyrule Warriors, music from Twilight Princess, and locations from Ocarina of Time. It’s like a mix of the best parts of the series and a silly/funny little story.

  • DimensionalRanger

    Haha! Nice, the animation was very well done!

  • Blake Wigert

    You can find a free Hylian Shield in the Kakariko Graveyard, why waste your Rupees?