Recently, I had the privilege of attending MomoCon, an animation and gaming convention held every year in Atlanta, Ga. Dressed as Malon, I joined up with fellow costumed Zelda fans to celebrate our favorite series. Cosplayers depicted characters from multiple Zelda generations. While we had a number of Links and Zeldas, I was excited to see there were also plenty of lesser-done characters such as Poe, Medli, Skull Kid and Malon.

I always love getting to meet and hang out with other Zelda fans. I’ve made so many great friends at Zelda fan gatherings, and look forward to making many more. Well that’s enough yacking from me — onto the pictures!

ocarina of time

The Ocarina of Time group — This was my first time seeing a Poe cosplay!


The Majora’s Mask crew, half of which had doubles in Ocarina of Time!

wind waker

The cast of The Wind Waker gathers together.

sad skullkid

Poor Skull Kid, he just wants someone to play with.

link and zelda

Link and Zelda look so regal!

little link and zelda

Is this not the sweetest picture you’ve ever seen?

fierce skull kid

Skull Kid better watch out! He’d hate to be on the wrong end of that sword.

zelda and sheik

Zelda with her alter ego, Sheik.

dark link

Sorry Dark Link, looks like you’re outnumbered.

two and a half malons

Two-and-a-half Malons

With more than 20,000 attendees, this was the biggest MomoCon yet, and it just keeps growing every year. It was so great meeting up with so many Zelda fans, and everyone looked fantastic. I better start on next year’s cosplay now if I want to keep up with these guys!

A special thanks goes out to Hannah Penn for making this year’s Zelda photoshoot and meetup a success!