While Zelda Wii U news may be scarce at the moment, that hasn’t stopped fans from drawing inspiration from the little we know to create everything from fan fiction to art, and now even Amiibo.

PixelCollie is no stranger to crafting custom Amiibo. Along with her drawings, sculptures, and cosplay, she has a DeviantArt gallery dedicated to the figures she has renovated. Her newest work is an Amiibo based on Zelda Wii U‘s Link.

According to PixelCollie, this is “the most fun, challenging and kinda stressful Amiibo” she has created so far. Parts of the original Link Amiibo were removed, but not all were forgotten as the bow is created out of two Master Swords. Super Sculpey clay was used for Link’s hair and to embellish the bow, with sewing thread for the drawstring and arrow adding more realistic detail. The same clay (along with copper wire) went into the arrow and the rocks at Link’s feet, which replace the yellow support.

You can visit her DeviantArt page to see a larger view of the figure; I highly recommend doing so to soak in all of the detail.

Link Zelda Wii U amiibo fan art full look

You can also check out some of the progress pictures for this Amiibo and others on PixelCollie’s Instagram page.

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  • Ryan Haney

    Good grief, that’s awesome!

  • Morgan

    I really hope they do a Zelda U line of amiibo.

  • Yeah it’s cool but the wrong way to hold a bow… XD but hey, you can’t do much to a set model without destroying the thing. Nice work!