There was apparently some miscommunication and confusion regarding details on the Nintendo World Championship qualifying round. One account brought this to light: Patrick Scott Patterson, who reached the semi-finals in the original 1990 Championship, was enveloped in some drama at the Dallas Best Buy qualifying location for the event.

Patterson explained that after attempting only once and getting a score of 2.6 million at Ultimate NES Remix‘s Championship Mode, the Nintendo rep had told him that that was his only try. The cause for his loss? Bad luck, in the form of a terrible Dr. Mario set. Though upset that he didn’t do as well as he could have and that he couldn’t register again for another attempt, Mr. Patterson moved on.

Patterson at NWC Qualifier

He didn’t stop following the top score of 5.5 million at the Best Buy location he had just left, however, and discovered interesting news: the score was a clerical error, and the new score was in fact 2.8 million. With this substantial drop, Patterson called Nintendo directly to ask about the rule of multiple attempts, and got the answer he wanted. He ran back down to Best Buy and had an incredible long-lasting duel with one Jordan DeMarco, which you can read all about in Patterson’s full article.

It seems that the dramatic miscommunication didn’t stop there, though. Where before they had only been limited to one attempt, the two competitors began going through multiple attempts, continuously ousting one another until DeMarco ended up winning at the end of the day on his final attempt. So much drama surrounding a game qualifying event!

Patterson and DeMarco shook hands and went their separate ways; Patterson felt much better about his loss to DeMarco, since it came down to skill versus skill. In fact, Patterson even gave a warning to other competitors heading to Los Angeles for the Championship: watch out for DeMarco!