Being able to record and share your greatest gaming moments online has become a staple in the current console generation. However, the Wii U doesn’t have this feature built in at the OS level, leaving developers to their own judgement on whether or not to integrate such tools into each individual game.

Apparently, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U originally had a feature that let you upload your replays directly to YouTube. A NeoGAF member, who was browsing through The Cutting Room Floor’s page on the game, found some text that was scraped from within the game’s code. The page notes that “Unused text related to converting and uploading replays directly to YouTube, much like in Mario Kart 8, can be found in the game,” meaning at one point the latest Smash Bros. release was meant to offer this same feature to players.

Unfortunately, the game shipped with it cut out and currently, while you can save replays on your local Wii U, there is no way to transfer replays to a PC or to an SD card to share.