It is no argument that the latest Super Smash Bros. installment for the Wii U has been a smashing success (no pun intended). The game has sold over 3.65 million copies and was a huge success for the Wii U. However, long before the Wii U was even a thought, Super Smash Bros. has been known throughout the gaming circuit as a highly competitive franchise. Tournaments are constantly broadcasted through streaming sites and fans latch on to their favorite player, cheering them on as they pull of moves that seem to defy the physics of the game.

This past March at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con, Nintendo UK hosted a special invitational Super Smash Bros. tournament. The competition was fierce and in the end it was pro player James Miller that came out on top with Luigi as his main character. Miller recently sat down with Nintendo Life to discuss tips and tricks for anyone interested in getting involved in competitive play. Miller had this advice to give to new players getting started in the competitive scene: Visit Smashboards. Learn Smash terminology — it comes with time and it helps as knowing abbreviations is less daunting.”

“Knowledge is power”

He goes on to say it’s not just about playing. “If you can’t afford to play much, I recommend watching high level tournament gameplay so you can begin to understand and question why players make certain decisions. “Knowledge is power” – like with most things, knowing what to [do] offensively and defensively is vital and if you are no longer ignorant of what to do, the next part is being able to execute your choice.”

In the interview, Miller goes on to explain that it is best to know your character as well as you know yourself, in order to adapt to your virtual teammate. If you’re not having fun with it, you probably won’t play to the best of your abilities.

With the introduction of 8-Player Smash in the Smash Wii U, competition is encouraged and flourishing. So get out there, really feel it and show them your moves!