Today, we are just five weeks away from the biggest gaming convention of the year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. With this in mind, Nintendo have revealed that they will be announcing their E3 2015 plans tomorrow at 12pm ET / 9am PT.

A tweet from Nintendo of America teases a photograph of a hooded figure, looking suspiciously like Punch-Out!! protagonist and Smash Bros. newcomer Little Mac.

Last year, Nintendo approached E3 differently with their new Nintendo Digital Event, which replaced their traditional press conferences with a livestream broadcast. We also saw Nintendo team up with comedy group Mega64 and poke fun at NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime by turning him into a killer robot, so hopefully they’ll be having some fun this year too.

Speaking of Reggie, I’m willing to bet that that’s him in that photo. Personally, I’m desperately hoping this is a foreshadowing tease for a new Punch-Out!! title for Wii U.

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