I was only six years old when A Link to the Past came out on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but it has influenced my life profoundly. If I hadn’t received it as a gift from my uncle, I probably would not be here writing! A Link to the Past will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first Zelda game I owned myself, and that is why we are honoring it today for Fanart Friday.

An artist on DeviantArt, sprinterz, has created a beautiful piece of artwork inspired by the game entitled “A Link to the Past“. It portrays the three pieces of the Triforce, Link himself in the center of the piece, and the Light and Dark worlds on the left and right. In the Light World, Link’s uncle and Princess Zelda are depicted with Hyrule Castle in the background, while in the Dark World, Agahnim and Ganon are depicted with the Pyramid of Power portrayed in the background.

While the art style is a bit quirky, sprinterz’s “A Link to the Past” is a wonderful tribute to an incredible game, which also happened to get me involved in the Zelda fandom.