Yesterday, we posted the first of four sneak peaks for Alexander Trevino’s Hyrule Warriors: The Movie. Now that Tuesday is upon us, Mr. Trevino is sharing yet another preview for the film. The first act will be released this Friday in its entirety, and will be the first of three acts of the film.

Today’s preview is titled “A Hero Reborn”, and features Link as he faces off with the fearsome Volga. During the battle, something unexpected happens, and the spirit of the Legendary Hero awakens within Link.

Stay tuned until tomorrow for the next sneak peek of Mr. Trevino’s Hyrule Warriors: The Movie!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’ve wanted the game to read the dialog boxes to me since A Link to the Past. They could do that so we know exactly how to pronounce the made up names and still keep Link mute.

    • True Davad

      I agree that It would definitely help pronunciation. Goddesses know I am terrible at figuring that out.

  • comamor

    Volga’s voice sounds good. Maybe a different accent. Impas seemed to improve. Is this the first time the voice actors have voice acted?

    • True Davad

      I agree. I was disappointed in the voice acting of the first sneak peak, but it has definitely improved.