It’s no secret that Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game. It’s a magical labyrinth which takes you on a truly epic quest through time to stop the evil Ganondorf from dominating Hyrule. SlashBib of YouTube has managed to combine two of my favorite things: my all-time favorite musical piece from Ocarina, the end credits, and one of my favorite instruments, the guitar. Although the guitar is not an ideal choice to convey the emotional ending of Ocarina of Time, it has no shortage of somber moments and stays true to the emotions felt at the end of the game, which surprised me and is a testament to SlashBib’s talent.

This is one of the best guitar covers I have ever heard coming from the Zelda fandom, and “Ending Theme – TLOZ: Ocarina of Time (Guitar Cover)” is the perfect choice to showcase this for today’s Music Monday.

  • DimensionalRanger

    Man, this reminds me when I finally finished Oot3D. I was feeling sad and ecstatic at the same time. My reaction: O_O… Zelda is amazing. Been a hardcore Zelda fan ever since. Long live Ocarina of Time!

  • Ryan Haney

    That was awesome! I’d like to hear him do Gerudo Valley. Heck, have him redo the whole soundtrack.

    • Morgan

      that would be a huge undertaking! but definitely worth it!