Kingdom Hearts is a very popular game series which is loved by many, especially by those in the Zelda fan community. Whether it be art or fan fiction, its not uncommon to find Zelda and Kingdom Hearts crossovers, especially with the recent announcement of the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts III. Lately, this combination weapon of the Keyblade and the Master Sword has been popping up everywhere online. Its name is “Guardian of Hyrule”.


This Keyblade was designed and crafted by Bayr Harrison, who goes by “Sephiroths Shadow” online. It is the first custom Keyblade he has crafted. The weapon is completely made of medium density fiberboard. Harrison cut out the sword’s shape with a jigsaw and then used a knife and other wood working tools to carve it into the desired product. The handle is wrapped in green deer skin leather, and the finished Keyblade is four feet long. It was painted with acrylic and spray paints, which took about three days to finish. The entire project took about two weeks to complete.

unpainted keyblade

Harrison really focused on differentiating his Keyblade from other Zelda-themed Keyblades online. While most people have designed their Keyblades with a Triforce keychain, he decided to make his keychain a Piece of Heart, specifically like the ones you would find in Twilight Princess. The Keyblade’s “teeth” are made to look like half of the Hylian Crest. The handle guard is designed after Link’s shield, Harrison explained. “That was part of the reason I called it “The Guardian of Hyrule”, [sic] I chose to make half of the handle guard Links [sic] shield because I just wanted to make it look a bit different. Not many keyblades are unsymmetrical like that and I thought it would look neat.”

On his DeviantArt, Harrison explained his choice of combining the two famed weapons. “I chose to theme it after The Legend of Zelda because LOZ Twilight Princess was by far my all time [sic] favorite game… I still remember the day I finished it, I think I was 8 or 9, definitely one of my proudest moments.” He also mentioned that he wanted to design a keyblade with an actual “blade”, and that the Master Sword was his first choice.

Currently, designing Keyblades and other weapons is just a hobby for Harrison, but be sure to be on the look-out for anything new on his DeviantArt and Facebook.

  • Mike Sauer

    This is a big ol’ MUST HAVE.

  • Ryan Haney

    Why’s it shaped like a key?

    • zarzarzarzarzar

      Did you not read the first sentence in the article?

      • Ryan Haney

        Yes, I read the article. I still don’t know anything about the key shaped blade or Kingdom Hearts. The first sentence doesn’t explain that and neither does your answer.

        • zarzarzarzarzar

          Sorry, most people assume right off the bat since you’re in to zelda, you at least know what kingdom hearts is. It’s a Disney x square game based on the idea that each Disney movie is its own world and there are sentient beings you must destroy to save kingdom hearts. The main protagonist uses a keyblade, a weapon to seal each world and one of the only things that can destroy a heartless easily.A simple Google search well give you a much more thorough answer

    • wolfkill

      Or did you read any of the article at all?

      • Ryan Haney

        I was asking about the key blade. Where in the article does it give background on why the thing is a blade and a key? Where in your answer does it give any useful information?

    • Morgan

      it’s a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade/Master Sword Hybrid.

  • Nicole Fry

    this makes me want to play kingdom hearts omg and i want one!!!

  • Nyx

    How awesome! I want one!

  • Richter12

    That….is….EPIC!! I didn’t know Link was a keyblade master lol jk.

    But it would be so awesome if he was.

  • Nikolaus Prescott

    If he finished TP around age 8 or 9, then this is one very young wood working expert!