Kelsey Kronmiller, a talented artist in her own right, decided to bring both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. to life in underwater form. She started her creative tank endeavors with a Super Mario design, bringing the world to life with Adobe Illustrator. Her initial tank, which was based on Mario Bros., took roughly 300 hours to complete over three weeks.


After she finished the Super Mario Bros. tank, Kronmiller moved on to The Legend of Zelda. While the tank itself was much simpler than his Mario project and only took a week to finish, the backdrop was the hardest aspect of the project. The fish in the tank was aptly named Link!

  • Bob Cratchit

    that is incredible i wish i had one

  • FishWishes

    Indeed. But don’t forget that even simple fish require a lot of time and effort to care for. Requiring proper filtration, additives, and bi-weekly water changes.
    Not to mention those pointy Lego bricks would be dangerous to some fish. (such as a telescope-eyed goldfish)

    Most people think goldfish only live a week to a month, when in fact their average life expectancy wit the right care is longer than a cat or dog at about 20 YEARS. (30 if you do a good job) They aren’t even mature until 3 years.

    Not trying to pick on anyone here. I’m just an avid Zelda fan and fish keeper. 🙂 I’m glad to see someone else out there is too, I’d love a themed tank!

  • Nyx

    Wow! That is amazing! Get a Hylian Loach to put in there. XD

    • L&O SVU Fan:Link

      Love you comment…”Get a Hylian Loach to put in there” haha lol

  • L&O SVU Fan:Link

    lol this so Gorgeous and Cool…Great job