Jeron Moore, one of the creative minds behind Symphony of the Goddessesrecently sat down with Gamerz Unite and talked about his newest project, Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions. This didn’t keep the subject of Zelda from popping up though. During the interview, Jeron talked with Gamerz Unite about the differences between the two symphonies.

Mr. Moore explained that Zelda and Pokemon are vastly different games. They are structured differently, they have very different gameplay mechanics, and both titles have very different strengths. This, in turn, has caused the two symphonies to be structured differently.

While Zelda has a general chronology that has both a beginning and an end, Pokemon focuses more on the world and the various regions that the player travels through. Pokemon is more easily organized by generations, working from the original games to the current ones. There is a general overview of each game with a general progression of the story, whereas (at least in my experience) Symphony of the Goddesses was telling a story (in a similar fashion to a silent film), which was The Legend of Zelda.


Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions is also much more energetic than Zelda with regards to the arrangements used. There are no choral pieces, and the Symphonic Evolutions team instead integrated electronic elements into the orchestration, which makes for an interesting dynamic between the orchestral and electronic parts of the different pieces.

To check to see when Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions is coming to your neck of the woods, check out the official site.