Xenium, a user on the websites Soundcloud and Bandcamp, has released a full-length album of remixed versions of the playable ocarina songs found in Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. The tracks feature multiple aspects of each song. A single song can include a contemporary version, a DJ-like version, and even a retro version, all packed together in one! Xenium describes the tracks as having both a “heavy style” and an “experimental-beautiful style”. The album is also meant to be listened to in one sitting, as each song leads into the next.

It is definitely one of the most unique fan albums I have ever heard. Xenium takes each ocarina song and makes it his own with the varying styles that are found within each track. While the songs are definitely recognizable, Xenium adds something more to make them stand out. At times, like with the “Song of Healing”, it is simply beautiful, while “Requiem of Spirit” makes me want to get up and dance, like many of the other tracks (note: I don’t dance).

The full album can be listened to on Xenium’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages and are available for purchase and download. It’s perfect for a Zelda-themed party!