Twilight Princess is often criticized for being too much like Ocarina of Time, yet at the same time not enough like it. One of the most heavily debated titles in the series, Twilight Princess is underrated in its story, gameplay mechanics, and most of all, its music. Twilight Princess has more of an ambient score compared to its counterparts — it doesn’t include epic and grand fanfare that is memorable, but the music accompanies how the player is feeling in a very subtle way.

“Midna’s Lament” is one of those pieces. With both of the melodies from “Midna’s Theme” and the theme for Hyrule Field accompanying one another, one of the most beautiful pieces in the Zelda mythos is born. It is a tragedy that the score for Twilight Princess isn’t recognized more for its greatness, but no one can deny this piece’s beauty and emotional charge. That is why “Midna’s Lament” is today’s pick for Music Monday.