Every time I listen to a new musical arrangement by Rozen, I’m amazed at how much talent can reside in one person. A few months ago, he released “Termina’s Demise”, and last year he brought us “Waiting for the Dawn” — both being covers from Majora’s Mask. Now he’s back with another Zelda arrangement, and this time he’s taking on Twilight Princess. His newest song “Under Twilit Rain” covers Midna’s Lament.

As with his previous arrangements, “Under Twilit Rain” isn’t just another cover of a Zelda song — it tells a story. The theme starts off softly and woefully, then gradually intensifies with Midna’s desperation until it sounds like all is lost, but suddenly the tone changes. That mischievous little imp is okay; she isn’t going down that easily! The main theme starts up again, but this time, it builds into the triumphant sound of Zelda’s Lullaby.  I can just see everyone in Hyrule cheering in celebration. The music then settles down as we say goodbye to Midna, but we know she’s not gone forever, as is made evident when the piece ends with a vocal solo performed by Reven.

I’ve been listening to “Under Twilit Rain” on repeat; it makes for some pretty epic driving music! If you’re like me and want to listen again and again, you can download it on iTunes and Loudr.