This cosplay video, which could be a compilation from many different events, is absolutely incredible. Though there are many extremely well-done Link and Zelda costumes, which are usually the most common displayed, there are quite a few other characters that don’t receive the same kind of treatment. In addition to the intricate costumes shown, the way the video is actually filmed is quite unique.

Personally, my favorites are the Skull Kid and Princess Ruto costumes, but there are plenty of different characters to check out. The range is quite impressive, which includes Sheik, Nabooru, Link, Zelda, Skull Kid, Ruto, and even the witches from the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time make an appearance. I must admit that after watching this video I was left incredibly impressed. Have a watch, and perhaps you might feel the same way!

Which were your favorites?

  • Ryan Haney

    The look on the organ grinder guy’s face made me laugh. 😀

  • DimensionalRanger

    XD Cosplay can be sooo funny. But to me, it makes it obvious that it is nearly impossible to re-create anything Hylian in reality while making it look real instead of anime-artificial. Guess the only way is to visit Hyrule 🙂